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Want a Pain Free Back & Neck? Two gentle and easy-to-follow therapeutic physical therapy exercise programs to ease stiffness and sore muscles. Reduces joint inflammation to get you back to living again without annoying pain.


DVD includes one pain free back and one pain free neck therapeutic healing exercise session you can do sitting or standing.


•  Strengthen muscles to remove spinal pressure     

•  Alleviates stiffness and improves flexibility     

•  Deliver nutrients to your spinal discs for natural healing     

•  Release endorphins to help reduce need for pain medication     

•  Improves posture


One more way, Healthwise Exercise goes above and beyond for you...  Suzanne wanted to ensure you could see the correct way to do the exercises so she wore form-fitting clothing to make sure you would be able to see the correct form in all the exercises.  In the pain-relieving neck session, she wore her hair up so you could see the correct way to do the neck exercises and acupressure technique for pain relief.


SAVE! If you order 3 DVDs, you get the third DVD FREE (use code get1free at checkout) plus you only pay shipping for one DVD. (Only 7.99 S/H). Order today and your DVD ships out next business day!


P.S Thank you for supporting a woman-owned small business!



Pain Free Back - Neck DVD

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