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Defy Age: Get Stronger, Live Longer!
Lose weight, ease pain, build stronger lungs, improve balance, regain bladder control, and so much more.
47 award winning FITNESS PROGRAMS & More on the Way!

I didn't just lose weight, I lost my knee pain, my back ache and my Dr. said I don't need blood pressure pills anymore.  My Dr. was the one who told me about Suzanne Andrews and glad I found you on Healthwise Exercise TV. Thank you so much!

Michelle S, Maine..

With your free 2 week trial, you get access to all  Doctor approved online fitness videos expertly demonstrated by licensed physical and occupational  therapists, exercise physiologists and certified personal trainers.  While some fitness sights have quantity, we focus on quality workouts.  Extensive research and medical review go into each program to ensure you get results you seek!  Invest in your health today for a better you tomorrow.
Join today and your rate NEVER goes up!
PS. Thank you for supporting a small woman owned business 


I saw your show on PBS flipping through channels and what a blessing!  Your workouts gave me my life back and I'm so glad to be a member.  I lost 30 lbs and the workouts are so doable. Noreen M, Austin, Texas


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Low Impact Fitness- High Results!
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You have the best fitness online exercises for weight loss! I started with you in March, weighing 184 Lbs. , 5 ft 7in height, feeling horrible with my overweight body. I couldn't move with ease at all, Every part of my body hurt. I'm 56 yrs old and felt like I was 92 yrs old, barely moving with all the pain in my joints, My blood pressure was through the roof 168/102.

My Dr. wanted me to go on Blood Pressure pills immediately.  I left his office feeling scared to death about dying from what I have done to myself that I started a clean eating diet and working out to Functional Fitness that day.

As of June 4, my weight is now 156 Lbs, my blood pressure is 128/78, and all of my pain is gone. I feel like a new woman! I couldn't even keep up with you before, Now, I work out right along side you! Talk about improvement! Needless to say, I no longer (need) to be on Blood Pressure Medication, haha.


Thank you for saving me, I got my health back, I can move again, like a 56 yr woman should move!

Grateful for life,
Noreen Perez. :-)

Suzanne Andrews Response Plus Her Before and After: 22 Years Older in the Bathing Suit

How wonderful to hear your great health news!  You made my day.  I started this fitness online program as a way of giving back to the health seeking community who wanted to save money on medical bills.    I've had my share of health issues and rehabbed myself multiple times with Functional Fitness.  Once after a car accident where I suffered back and neck injuries, again after a c section where I had very weak abs, a leaky overactive bladder and gained 60 lbs and again after shoulder surgery on both shoulders where I literally couldn't lift my arms and was scheduled to film the water therapy program for PBS so I needed to get my arms

working in a hurry.  And now I have a thyroid disorder (Hashimoto's) which makes it very easy to gain weight and get tired so I use Functional Fitness to keep my energy up and my weight down. I often work 10 - 12 hour days so Functional Fitness worked on all these issues and it can work for you whether you're 50, 60, 70+.


I started the Functional Fitness program for all of us over 50 who want to be a healthy weight, get rid of pain and live a full active life without having to do those insane workouts that make you feel like you have to be an athlete or super flexible to do them - oh and  and so many workouts either take way too much time or take away so much energy you won't have energy for your day!  Most of our workouts only take  20 - 30 minutes a day.


I added some longer workouts too in case you feel you need a little more plus more workouts that are not on PBS TV.  As you know all our workouts give you more energy, help you sleep better, ease pain, help lower blood pressure and help you lose weight.  Thank you for your inspirational letter.  Letters like yours inspire me to keep producing more fitness online workouts for seniors and boomers. 

Healthiest Blessings

Suzanne Andrews

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Your Healthwise Exercise TV membership, which starts with a 14-day free trial offer, begins when you sign up. If you cancel your account anytime in the first 14 days after you sign up, you will not be charged.

Consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. While every effort is made to follow best injury prevention practices in all Healthwise Exercise TV workouts, you agree to perform the exercises at your own risk, assume all risk of injury to yourself and agree to release and discharge Healthwise Exercise LLC, Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews of any and all liability or loss in connection with the exercise program contained herein.

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