Build Stronger Bones with 3 Osteoporosis Safe Workouts!



Walk your way to strong, healthy bones with Suzanne Andrews Functional Fitness Osteoporosis Walking Workout. Three fitness levels allow you to choose the pace that’s right for you sitting or standing!  Filmed in a spectacular Florida garden setting, this two mile bone building walk is designed with osteoporosis safe movements for middle age to older adults. With motivating music and a spectacular setting, this 30 minute walk is one you’ll want to do again and again.



If you have osteoporosis, balance can be a matter of life and death. Yet how do you know which exercises are safe and what movements can actually fracture your bones? Licensed rehabilitation practitioner and founder of Functional Fitness on Public Television, Suzanne Andrews guides you with therapeutic movements to strengthen your balance muscles.  Dr. Helen Troncoso, licensed physical therapist, demonstrates the modified standing level while certified personal trainer, Glenn Poyer demonstrates the seated level. Need more of a challenge? Follow Suzanne Andrews with the intermediate level or alternate between all three as you see fit!



Suzanne Andrews guides you with back strengthening moves that cut the risk of fractures in half!  By guiding you with safe osteoporosis moves that stimulate osteoblasts, (cells responsible for bone formation), your bones build density in this 30 minute workout with three fitness levels.  Filmed at the spectacular Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton, Florida, Certified Health Coach, Alina Z, demonstrates the modified version and certified personal trainer, Glenn Edison Poyer demonstrates sitting moves so you choose the pace that’s right for you.


Preview Get Stronger Bones for Osteoporosis in the video above (near the photo's). 

Get Stronger Bones for Osteoporosis

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