Dynamic stretching has 3 doctor approved workouts to ease joint pain.


Includes a Therapeutic Exercise Stretch Band inside the package. A $14.99 value.


Start your day with the AM gentle bed dynamic stretching exercises to ease joint pain before you even step out of bed.  


Enjoy two more #dynamic #stretching workouts you can do seated on a chair or standing. 


All three dynamic stretching workouts stimulate healing blood flow to your joints, muscles and tendons to help you move with ease and decrease joint pain and stiffness.  


Items Used: Chair for the dynamic stretching chair exercises or you can stand if you prefer as there are three levels demonstrated in each workout so you choose your pace and progress as you regain more flexibility and strength.  


Dyanmic Stretching is recommended for osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, plus size and people who need a gentle program.  Flexibility not needed to do this program. 

Note: this DVD contains 2 dynamic stretching programs  that were previously on the Arthritis Relief DVD which is no longer being made.  Dynamic Stretching for Joint Pain Relief includes updated versions of those workouts for a better workout experience.  The morning dynamic bed stretch is completely new.

Dynamic Stretching for Joint Pain Relief

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