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                       Beginner Yoga for Weight Loss

"Guiding you through the many benefits of yoga, (increased energy, stress relief, weight loss, peace of mind) Suzanne Andrews walks beginner yoga students through various beginner yoga poses for weight loss and stress release in this yoga for beginners workout DVD. Perched on a flat rock of a calm ocean, Andrews demonstrates standing and chair yoga poses so you never have to get on the ground.  A 10-minute guided weight loss yoga meditation rounds out this nicely shot DVD."   

Candace Smith, Booklist Magazine.


If you eat when you are stressed, this DVD is for you! After just one session, you will experience immediate stress release and achieve weight loss to get healthy, slim and fit.


The DVD is suitable for both beginners and seniors by going at a gentle pace while giving ample time to get into the next pose. Highly recommended by medical professionals, this 40 minute DVD begins with 14 minutes of modified standing yoga poses combined with energy-enhancing breathing exercises that will help you tone and rejuvenate your entire mind, body and spirit.


The second part incorporates 14 minutes of seated yoga poses to help alleviate all-over body aches and pains caused by muscle tension. A soothing 10 minute weight loss meditation follows, which includes a guided visualization on a breathtaking beach to award-winning music that lifts your spirits. 


This unique therapeutic beginner's yoga program is created by Suzanne Andrews, a licensed rehab specialist, certified yoga instructor, and star of PBS TV's ''Functional Fitness." Suzanne understands that not everyone can or even wants to do pretzel poses and designed this DVD to be suitable for people over 40.  This DVD also includes a bonus meditation audio CD for additional stress release and weight loss motivation.




5.0 out of 5 stars Start moving and start feeling better!
Verified Purchase
I had been looking for a yoga DVD to practice at home. Given that I am older and overweight I have had difficulty finding one that works for me. I tried beginning and introductory yoga DVDs and even tried one intended for the plus-sized. These contained poses that were too advanced or involved getting up and down off the floor.

Beginners Dynamic YOGA for STRESS RELEASE and WEIGHT LOSS provides exactly what I need. I get the benefits of yoga without the pain of attempting to contort my body into seemingly exotic poses. Called yoga therapy it modifies traditional yoga poses into moves that can be completed by those whose mobility is compromised by age, pain, or weight. The poses are simple enough to practice every day.

The 40 minute DVD is easy to follow. I suffer from back pain so I especially liked the 14 minutes of sitting exercises used to alleviate back and neck pain. With just a few days of practice I feel less pain. After being sedentary for so long this DVD has me feeling rejuvenated. I expect to be losing weight in no time. Coupled with the meditation DVD included this package delivers what it promises.


4.0 out of 5 stars Yoga for anyone
Verified Purchase by Redwing
I purchased this DVD because I don't know a thing about yoga and I can't afford to take classes. This is a very simple, straightforward practice that anyone can do. I can perform the movements without the DVD (and with my own music) at this point, and I always feel relaxed and calm when I finish. I'm looking forward to moving towards more complex practices, but this DVD is an absolutely superb start. Thank you, Suzanne!


5.0 out of 5 stars I love this one
Reviewed dragonmonkey
Verified Purchase
I'm a bigger lady 5 ft 5 and 207 lbs and tried other tapes. I love this one! Started it and my new lifestyle eating changes.




If you order 3 DVDs, you get the third DVD FREE (use code get1free at checkout) plus you only pay shipping for one DVD. Order today and your DVDs ships out next business day!

P.S Thank you for supporting a woman-owned small business!


Beginners Dynamic Yoga

  • I am a registered dietician for a hospital and the participants in our weight management plan love Beginners Dynamic Yoga.  The people in my weight loss program say the same thing over and over again.  "Beginners Dynamic Yoga helps me lose weight when nothing helped before. It really motivates you and releases stress."  If you are overweight, the exercises in this DVD are modified and plus-size friendly. Myra R. 

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