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                 Arthritis Relief Deluxe Set as Seen on PBS TV!


This Deluxe 3 DVD set is perfect for those looking to ease joint pain naturally. With evidence-based exercises, you'll be able to target the areas that need it most and feel relief after just a few sessions. Each DVD is easy to follow and includes a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions and visuals to ensure proper form. Get the best out of your workouts and start feeling better today with this Deluxe 3 DVD Set.






You'll feel great easing arthritic joint pain with these two walk workouts you can do sitting or standing!  Filmed in the famous, beautiful Butchart Gardens, a chair walk and a standing walk are demonstrated side by side, so you choose the level that's right for you. Walk one is a two-mile walk (shows medically proven healing moves with your FREE bonus exercise band), and walk two is a two-mile walk instructed with (optional) light dumbells, or you can use water bottles.  As you progress, the DVD gives you the option to do both walks for a total of 4 miles!


2. Dynamic Stretch for Joint Pain Relief DVD includes 3 arthritis workouts


Workout 1: Joint Integrity - Suzanne guides you with medically proven exercises she uses in therapy to strengthen and stabilize your tendons and muscles to maintain healthy joints, reduce pain, fatigue, and improve strength.


Workout 2: Anti Aging -

A therapeutic program to reduce pain and stiffness while increasing your flexibility to help ease joint pain. Awarded "state-of-the-art qualities for effective delivery and measurable results with the Boomer Zoomer demographics" by Dr. David J. Demko, the receiver of 3 Whitehouse commissions on aging. 


Workout 3: Morning Bed Stretch

Bed stretches to ease pain and stiffness.


3. Arthritis Water Therapy 3 Disc Set Workout DVD/CD/Booklet

This specially designed 3 Disc Workout DVD/CD set features six segments focusing attention on your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and hands. With its stress-releasing spa atmosphere, the Functional Fitness 90-minute Arthritis Water Therapy Workout with Suzanne Andrews is truly the most beautiful water therapy workout DVD you’ve ever seen. Two levels are provided to give you a choice of doing the beginner or advanced workout.


Doing the water exercise workout on a daily basis, or even just three times each week, helps eliminate joint pain, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles, and decreases swelling.  In just a few short weeks, you feel less stress exerted on your body joints, improved circulation, balance, coordination, and fewer occurrences of painful muscle spasms.

Bonus: Includes the Water Resistant Instructional Booklet You Take to The Pool!

Order now and invest in your health today to feel better tomorrow. 



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  • Award Winning Medically Proven Arthritis Relief Therapy

    "Arthritis DVDs awarded state of the art qualities for effective delivery and measurable results" by Dr. David J. Demko, receiver of three Whitehouse commissions on aging.

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