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Affordable Evidenced Based COPD Home Exercise Program 
Helps Patients Live a Better Quality of Life

As Seen on 

  • Guides patients w/seated and standing versions allowing them to perform exercises as tolerated. ​

  • Includes verbal prompts to check oxygen saturation and pulse.

  • Helps increase ability to perform functional mobility and ADL's 

  • Use as a home exercise program during therapy, after therapy and/or stand alone HE program. 

  • Focuses on strengthening the diaphragm, intercostal and accessory muscles utilized for breathing. 

  • Increase patient exercise compliance by making this DVD available for purchase in your office. 

Feel free to reach out to Glenn Poyer, (executive producer of the PBS series) with any questions. 

Phone:  1-877-523-4848


What 3 Review Boards Said

  • "Selected as #1 Out of Top 9 DVDs for COPD." Deborah Leader, RN, COPD Expert Guide. (Now called Verywell Health). 

  • "International COPD coalition finds this a sound and very useful DVD." Larry Grouse, MD

  • "This DVD helps persons with COPD manage their lives more effectively by better breathing techniques and simple exercises." COPD Alert

  •  Rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon


Call 1-877-523-4848 to order

Minimun Order:  10 

Wholesale:  $12.00 each

Suggested Retail: $19.99 

FREE Shipping 

60 Second Preview of COPD DVD

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